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Emma Duvéré – Pâtisserie & restaurant

Pâtisserie Emma Duvéré
Photo (c) Diane Arques

Emma’s specialty bakery opened in March 2017 between metro stations Bastille and Voltaire. Each of her pastries is the result of enthusiastic experimentation, guided above all by the joy of sharing delicious flavors with others.

I select the very finest ingredients with an emphasis on sustainability, using products that are local, seasonal, and organic or sustainably-grown whenever possible.

Patisserie and shop

Pâtisserie Emma Duvéré

41 rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris
Metro : Voltaire, Bastille, Bréguet-Sabin

All products are baked on-site by Emma and her team !

Come and have lunch or brunch, or you can take away your meal and desserts 🙂


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